Recipient for 2015: Peevxwm Yaj, University of MN TC

Zoo siab tos txais koj (mej/nej) -

Happy to welcome you all!

By writing such a greeting does not mean that it is the preferred way of greeting in Hmong. Traditionally there's no one greeting that is more preferred over the other. One of the ways to greet when upon one another is to simply acknowledged her or his presence by saying "(koj) tuaj thiab los?," which can be loosely translated as "(you're) here too?" for a chance meeting at a location that is not commonly known or visited. If you're at a more frequented space like a home then your greeting alone will show whether or not the individual being greeted is visiting or simply returning home. The home greeting will be "(koj) los, los?" or "(koj) los tsev lawm los?" to welcome the individual back home whereas "(koj) tuaj los?" is to acknowledge the arrival of an individual who may have come for just a visit, regardless of whether it is the first time or not. Thus we are happy to have welcomed you all here by simply say "(KOJ) TUAJ LOS!" for you're our guest who have come for a visit.

Here are the meaning to the individual word contained in the greeting above:

1. Zoo = good; 2. siab = literal meaning is liver, however, in this greeting expression it is referred to as a heart felt expression; tos = waiting; txais = receiving; koj is singular you whereas mej (Hmoob leeg dialect) and nej (Hmoob dawb dialect) are plural you or as in you all.

Thus it is with great honor that we will be waiting and receiving you all at our Annual Hmong Minnesota New Year at the Saint Paul RiverCenter in Downtown Saint Paul.


Ua tsaug - Thanks,

Ua koj tsaug - Thank you,

Ua mej/nej tsaug - Thank you all!

Education Youth Program Updates

Hmong Higher Education Scholar Program
The Hmong Higher Education Scholar Program (HHESP) was established in 2013 with the collaboration of Hmong college students and Lao Family Foundation of Minnesota. HHESP was created to recognize and provide outstanding Hmong high school seniors with a scholarship award opportunity to any undergraduate college institution. We firmly believe that progress in any community is contingent on the rate of educational attainment. Through HHESP, we have a bold vision for the Hmong community, and that is for our scholars to represent the remarkable capability and audacity of any individual whose community invests in them.

HHESP will be awarding two $1,000 scholarships to one male and one female senior graduating from an accredited Minnesota high school or alternative learning program who is enrolled in a 2/4 year college/university institution in the 2015 fall semester following high school graduation during the upcoming St. Paul Hmong New Year 2015.

***In the past, community donors funded additional scholarships to allow HHESP to grant more students with scholarships. If we receive additional funding through community donors, additional scholarship recipients will be contacted regarding scholarship amount received.

Summer scholarship IS available for high school senior students. Please click on the link to download the Hmong Higher Education Scholarship.   CLICK HERE: No Longer available at the moment.

CONGRATS TO PeevXwm Yang for submitting your application and is the recipient of the 2015 HHESP scholarship!

Hmong Family Foundation is an affiliation of Lao Family Community of Minnesota.
Hmong Family Foundation is an affiliation of Lao Family Community of Minnesota.

Introducing: Miss Hmong MN 2016

Miss Jessica Nkuaj Zu Paj Xyooj